Heather of the month May 2015 - Erica x veitchii ‘Gold Tips’

Erica x veitchii : Veitch's heath are a hybrid between tree heath (Erica arborea) and Portuguese heath (Erica lusitanica), represented in cultivation by at least five cultivars which vary in hardiness from zone 7 to zone 8. Veitch's heath can be grown in most alkaline soils.

Shoots hirsute with both simple and plumose hairs intermixed; leaves linear, to 6mm long; flowers white, in terminal whorls of 3 or 4; calyx 4-lobed, green, cup-shaped, waxy, thicker in texture than corolla; corolla tubular-campanulate, to 4mm long; stamens 8, included or tips just visible at base of corolla lobes; filament with spicules on lower quarter; anthers with spurs.

Heather Description

Habit: Tall open 75cm to several metres in height

The Leaves: Bright green foliage, young shoots tipped gold in spring;

The Flower: White

Flowering Period: March - June