Heather of the month April 2017 - Erica erigena ‘Golden Jubilee’

White flowers, corolla 5–6mm long, to 2mm across, ovoid; calyx 3–4mm; XII-IV; foliage “Golden”; Selected seedling from ‘Golden Lady’, propagated from an individual plant growing in the garden of Susie and Alan Kay, Letterfrack, County Galway, Ireland.

Another plant in Seller’s mother’s garden was 1m tall unpruned after 29 years.

Named to mark the Golden Jubilee of The Heather Society in 2013.

® E.2013:02  registered on 6 September 2013 by B. Sellers, London.

Image courtesy of E. C. Nelson.

Heather Description

Habit: Bushy shrub

The Leaves: Golden Yellow

The Flower: White

Flowering Period: December - April