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Current Issue

Heathers 14: Yearbook of the Heather Society 2017


Main Contents

Main Contents

Heathers 14 Yearbook 2017 to be published in March 2017


Dartford warbler (Sylvia undata) perched among bell heather (Erica cinerea), Arne RSPB reserve, Dorset, July (© Ben Hall).


  • Calluna vulgaris bud-flowering (Knospenblüher) clones
  • D. EVERETT : Bulletin – the first fifty years
  • K. INMAN : Growing double-flowered heathers
  • K. KRAMER : Development of heather production in Germany, particularly Calluna vulgaris: from wild heather to a commercial ornamental plant 15
  • D. MACKAY : The use of heathers in Scottish clan badges
  • H. FUNK : Calluna vulgaris in German Holzbibliotheken (“wood libraries”) from the turn of the nineteenth century
  • E. M. WULFF : The naturalized heathers of Newfoundland
  • M. HALL : “Best of Both Worlds” – my garden design
  • H. FUNK : Heather honey and white-blossomed Calluna in Hieronymus Bock’s herbal (1546)
  • L. JUDSON : The Peace Garden at the Muslim Burial Ground in Woking, Surrey E. Scott Perth heather collections with a difference
  • M. H. HANCOCK : Heather primacy disrupted: fire, cattle and extreme weather in an ancient Caledonian pinewood
  • Proceedings of the Heather Society 2016
  • Awards of Honour
  • 45th Heather Society Gathering 9–12 September 2016
  • Recent publication
  • Supplement XVII (2017) to International register of heather names. (Click here for PDF)

Previous Issues

Heathers 13: Yearbook of the Heather Society 2016

heathers 13 2016 cover

Main Contents


April in Hellesøy, western Norway; part of a winter-flowering heather bed on a slope with Erica × darleyensis 'Kramers Rote', 'White Perfection' and 'Darley Dale', and E. carnea 'Whisky' and 'Winterfreude' in bloom, plus Hebe, Bergenia and Rhododendron 'Frost Hexe' (right). Photograph by Egil Asbjørn Sæle.


  • Frontispiece: Japanese "fireworks": new seedlings of Cape heaths by Takayuki Kobayashi
  • YVETTE HARVEY & LOUISE O’BEIRNE : Wisley’s painting of award winning heathers
  • E. C. NELSON : Erica x factitia, a hand-made, winter-flowering, hardy heather
  • M. NOBLE : Invasive heaths and heathers in Tasmania
  • J. McCOLL : Let’s hear it for heathers!
  • J. HALL : Winter-flowering Erica AGM trials
  • D. MACKAY : Who was St Dabeoc?
  • J. ROBERTS : Erica terminalis naturalized in Warwickshire
  • J CRELLIN : Daboecia cantabrica naturalized in Brecknock
  • HELEN TODD & BRIAN BERRY : Anne Berry (Erica cinerea ‘Anne Berry’)
  • R. CANOVAN : Growing Erica erigena, Irish heath
  • D. EDGE : Compost trials
  • H. FUNK : Conrad Gessner’s description and drawing of Erica carnea (mountain heath, Schneeheide) from the sixteenth century
  • E. C. NELSON : H.E. Beale
  • S.-B. SÖRENSSON : Pure curiosity
  • Supplement XVI (2016) to International register of heather names. (click here for PDF)
  • Proceedings of the Heather Society 2015: 44th Annual Gathering 10–14 September 2015

Heathers 12: Yearbook of The Heather Society 2015

Heathers 12 cover

Main Contents


The view from Lullington Heath, high on the South Downs, East Sussex, looking west north west towards Firle Beacon. The ploughed, arable land on the other side of Oldkiln Bottom, calcareous woodland and scrub beyond the wire fence and gorse illustrate the threats to the chalk heath in the foreground and its soil profile. Hence the importance of the management strategy by Natural England to protect this outstanding example of a rare and vulnerable habitat with its rich flora and fauna. © Richard Canovan.


  • DAPHNE EVERETT: Thirty years at The Bannut – or, a (lack of) foresight saga
  • MOLLY HALL: Diary of propagating an unusual bell heather: Erica cinerea ‘Molly Rose’
  • JAMES R. MACKAY: The making of our third heather garden
  • E. G. H. OLIVER : Looking for Spanish heathers
  • MICHAEL D. PIRIE: Tree heathers and heather trees; or advanced coalescence theory for Erica enthusiasts
  • DONALD A. M. MACKAY: Deer and other heather-eaters – teeth and stomachs
  • HELMUT HIEDL & KATHARINA HIEDL: Erica gracilis: breeding new cultivars and frost-protection irrigation in our nursery
  • PETER C. BARNARD & E. CHARLES NELSON: The heathers of John Curtis's British entomology
  • RICHARD CANOVAN: Chalk heath
  • Proceedings of The Heather Society 2014.
  • ANNABEL DARNTON (with photographs by LEIGH DARNTON): 43rd Heather Society Gathering, 12–15 September 2014
  • Supplement XV (2015) to International register of heather names [click here for pdf]
  • JENS KJÆRBØL: 'Stardust Muxoll': a new St Dabeoc's heath (reg. no. D.2011.01)
  • Recent publications

Heathers 11: Yearbook of The Heather Society 2014


Main Contents

  • MIKE IDE : Richard Alfred Ide (1918–1981).
  • JENS KJÆRBØL : ‘Romantic Muxoll’: a new St Dabeoc’s heath.
  • JOHANNES VAN LEUVEN : The mechanical pruning of heathers.
  • GEOFFREY YATES : The “golden years” for heathers: some personal reflections.
  • DIANE H, JONES : Growing heathers on an alkaline soils for 43 years.
  • RICHARD CANOVAN : Unexpected lime tolerance in some cultivars.
  • E. CHARLES NELSON : Growing heathers on driveway hardcore in the East Anglian Fens.
  • BARRY SELLERS : RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013.
  • E. G. H. OLIVER : Ericas in Mauritius, home of the dodo.
  • E. CHARLES NELSON : Peter Turner’s “Erica hirsuta Anglica”.
  • P. JOYNER : Bob Rope 1924-2013). [Obituary]
  • The Heather Society’s Proceedings 2013 42nd Annual Gathering, Thirsk, Yorkshire, 6–9 September 2013.
  • Supplement XIV (2014) to International register of heather names. (Click here for PDF)

Heathers 10: Yearbook of The Heather Society 2013


Main Contents

  • Frontispiece : Erica shannonii by Margaret de Villiers
  • GERALDINE GARDINER : Ericas of Hermanus: spectacular and sticky.
  • LIZZIE JUDSON : Conservation on Horsell Common.
  • Some memories of The Heather Society
  • BLAIR FRY : New River Beach, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • JOHN F. WRIGHT : Slime mould on heather in Dorset
  • DAPHNE EVERETT : Heather nurseries: then and now.
  • RICHARD CANOVAN : Winter death of Calluna vulgaris.
  • DONALD MACKAY : The Calluna died – the Erica lived.
  • JOHN GRIFFITHS : Blue Heathers revisited – some observations on the effect of iron sulphate on the colour of Erica cinerea flowers.
  • The affiliated societies and their histories.
  • D. EVERETT & E. C. NELSON : Allen Hall (1934-2012).
  • The Heather Society’s Proceedings 2012 41st Annual Gathering, Falmouth, Cornwall, 7–9 September 2012.
  • Supplement XIII (2013) to International register of heather names. (Click here for PDF)

Heathers 9: Yearbook of the Heather Society 2012


Main Contents

  • DAVID WILSON : Arctic Outflow Wind: a cold killer.
  • RAYMOND J. EVISON : Clematis and heathers.
  • DAVID PLUMRIDGE : Clematis ‘The President’ at Rose Cottage.
  • MICHAEL D. PIRIE : What can heathers tell us about the origins of biological diversity?
  • JOHN HALL : The successful use of heathers in containers.
  • JOHN GRIFFITHS : Blue heathers – myth or reality?
  • WILL QUARMBY : BHGA Small Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011.
  • DAVID McCLINTOCK : Who was “Our Mr Richard Potter”? [modified reprint]
  • JEAN PRESTON : This Was ‘Our Mr Richard Potter”. [modified reprint]
  • E. CHARLES NELSON : Continuing the quest for Richard Potter (1844–1922).
  • The Heather Society 100 One hundred recommended heathers 2012.
  • W. DE BRUIN : In memoriam Jos Flecken.
  • Supplement XII (2012) to International register of heather names. (Click here for PDF)

Heathers 8: Yearbook of the Heather Society 2011

heathers 8

Main Contents

  • DAPHNE EVERETT & JOHN GRIFFITHS: David J. Small (1939–2010).
  • R. CANOVAN & E. C. NELSON: Bibliography for David Small.
  • ELLA MAY T. WULFF: Heather cultivars associated with David Small and Denbeigh Heather Nurseries 1972–1999.
  • DAVID SMALL: Observations on rooting cuttings.
  • B. DE LA ROCHEFOUCAULD: Les bruyères à l’Arboretum des Grandes Bruyères.
  • ARNOLD STOW: Heather companions: a gardener’s guide.
  • COLIN ROGERS: Short back and side, sir?
  • RICHARD CANOVAN: A new Erica manipuliflora seedling.
  • E. C. NELSON: Erica manipuliflora ‘Bert Jones’.
  • KARLA LORTZ: Growing South African heathers on Puget Sound, western USA.
  • E. G. H. OLIVER: Hunting for Ericas in Madagascar.
  • AARON SIPF: The trials and tribulations of growing heathers on a terrace in the Mediterranean.
  • Supplement XI (2011) to International register of heather names. (Click here for PDF)