Erica x veitchii

Flower colours are indicated using the colours given in The Heather Society's colour chart, with a code of the colour; thus, H9 is the code for the colour called beetroot.

Flowering periods are indicated by Roman numerals from I to XII (each equivalent to a month); thus, for example, IX-XII means September to December (in northern hemisphere).


White flowers, III–V; mid-green foliage; upright habit; height about 1m; spread about 1m.

Seedling; said to have originated before 1939 at Veitch's Nursery near Brockhill, Devon, England, family home of the Bayne-Powell family; named by David McClintock in 1994 by which time its hardiness was well established; and introduced by Denbeigh Heather Nurseries (Creeting St Mary, Ipswich).

Registered 29 October 1994: David McClintock, Piatt, Kent.

Named after the Bayne-Powell family home in Devon, where this was found.


White flowers, III–V, sweetly scented, very abundant; light green foliage; height about 1m; spread 61–75cm. The least hardy of Veitch's heaths. A chance seedling found in Veitch & Sons nursery, Exeter, Devon.

‘Gold Tips’

White flowers, III–VI; bright green foliage, young shoots tipped gold in spring; height 61–75cm; spread 46–60cm. Relatively hardy, and similar in habit to Erica arborea 'Alpina'.

‘Pink Joy’

Pink buds opening to white flowers, III–VI; mid-green foliage; height about 1m; spread 61–75cm.

Found by M. Zwijnenburg (Boskoop, Netherlands); introduced by P. G. Zwijnenburg before 1968 (as Erica arborea 'Pink Joy').

Name alludes to the flower colour.

‘Westbourne Grove’

Shrub, very floriferous; flowers small, campanulate, pink in bud, white later, style does not protrude; pollen infertile; III-V. Chance seedling of unknown origin; purchased c. 1980 from a nursery in Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, under the name Erica arborea 'Alpina'. Registered on 20 April 2006 by Allen Hall, Loughborough.