Erica x oldenburgensis

Flower colours are indicated using the colours given in The Heather Society's colour chart, with a code of the colour; thus, H9 is the code for the colour called beetroot.

Flowering periods are indicated by Roman numerals from I to XII (each equivalent to a month); thus, for example, IX-XII means September to December (in northern hemisphere).


Flower-buds white, opening white gradually changing to lilac-pink (H11) as they mature; calyx white with green tips to segments; anthers dark red-brown,; (XII)-II-V; with mid-green foliage which is tipped with vivid orange in spring. Looking more like Erica arborea, it has a much more compact and rounded habit.

Seedling selected from a group of seedlings raised from Erica arborea deliberately crosssed with Erica carnea; raised by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht-Süddorf, Germany) in 1986; introduced by the raiser in 1994.

Named after a region in northern Germany.


White flowers, III-V, with mid-green Erica arborea like foliage. Broad spreading habit. This hybrid was deliberately raised by Kurt Kramer in Germany and named after the region in which he lives.