Erica x gaudificans : Edewecht heath

Bushy shrub to 0.5m tall. Leaves bright green, scattered, to 6.5mm long. Flowers terminal clusters of 8–20; calyx cup-shaped, 4-lobed, pale green; corolla campanulate or funnel-shaped or conical, white or pink; stamens 8, included, variously malformed; anthers degenerate, without awns; pollen observed.

Blooms mainly in summer.

An artificial hybrid, created by Kurt Kramer (Edewecht, Germany), from the Eurasian species Erica spiculifolia (Balkan heath) and the African (Cape) species Erica bergiana. Hardy and long-blooming (April to November).

Two cultivars have been named. Uncommon in cultivation in Britain and Ireland, yet the clones both thrive in gardens in the northwestern USA and western Canada.