Erica platycodon subsp. maderincola

Flower colours are indicated using the colours given in The Heather Society's colour chart, with a code of the colour; thus, H9 is the code for the colour called beetroot.

Flowering periods are indicated by Roman numerals from I to XII (each equivalent to a month); thus, for example, IX-XII means September to December (in northern hemisphere).

‘Levada Gold’

Flowers numerous, greenish, corolla 2mm long; style-end c. 1mm diameter; V-VI; foliage golden-yellow in winter, turning yellow in summer; leaves in whorls of 3, to 10mm long, about 1mm across, tapering towards apex.

Wild-collected, found beside a levada in Madeira by David Edge; propagated and introduced by Forest Edge Nurseries and shown at Gardener’s World Live, Birmingham, June 2010.

® E.2010:08 registered on 17 June 2010 by David Edge, Woodlands, Wimborne, Dorset.