Flower colours are indicated using the colours given in The Heather Society's colour chart, with a code of the colour; thus, H9 is the code for the colour called beetroot.

Flowering periods are indicated by Roman numerals from I to XII (each equivalent to a month); thus, for example, IX-XII means September to December (in northern hemisphere).

❁ Indicates double flowers

♤ Indicates bud bloomer

{phrases in brackets are trade designations, or trademarks (with ® appended) used for marketing purposes}

‘Yellow Basket’

White flowers, VIII–IX; light yellow foliage throughout the year; open erect habit; height 26–30cm; spread 31–45cm.

Raised by J. Proudfoot (Almondell Nursery, Methven, Perthshire, Scotland) by 1989.

Name alludes to the foliage colour.

‘Yellow Beauty’

Semi-double deep cerise flowers, VIII–X; yellow foliage throughout the year; compact; height 21–25cm; spread 31–45cm.

‘Yellow Carvel’

White flowers; VIII-IX; foliage a good deep yellow; habit erect; height 20cm; spread 45cm. It was found as a seedling by John Proudfoot in his nursery garden at Melven in 1989.

‘Yellow Globe’

Mauve flowers, VIII–IX, sparse; yellow foliage turning orange-red in winter; cushion-like habit; height 10–15cm; spread 16–20cm. It was found as a seedling near 'White Lawn' by Mr T. Huisman at Hattem, Holland. Introduced by H. W. de Bruijn of Boskoop in 1990.

‘Yellow One’

Pink flowers, IX–X; yellow foliage in summer becoming red in winter; height 26–30cm; spread 31–45cm.

Found by David McClintock (Bracken Hill, Platt, Kent, England) about 1965.

Name alludes to the foliage colour.

‘Yellow Steele’

Flowers white; VIII-IX; the foliage yellow. Introduced by Lieutenant-Commander (retd) R. M. Steele (Rose Bay, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada) before 1999. Originally named 'Steele' by G. &. E. MacKinnon (Waquoit, Cape Cod, Mass., U.S.A.), but that name is rejected.

‘Yvette’s Gold’

White flowers, VIII–X; bright yellow foliage; robust, upright; height 26–30cm; spread 46–60cm.

‘Yvette’s Silver’

Lavender flowers, VIII–IX; grey foliage; vigorous, upright habit; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm. Named after Yvette Knutson, a one-time employee of David Wilson (British Columbia, Canada).

‘Yvonne Clare’

Mauve (H2) flowers, VIII–IX; dark green foliage; attractive compact habit; height 31–45cm; spread 46–60cm.

Found by Herbert Mitchell (Helmsley, Yorkshire, England); introduced by Mitchell in 1972.

Named after finder's 10-year old niece, Yvonne Wilson, who helped in the nursery.