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The Heather Society extends a very warm welcome to everyone entering the world of heathers, especially to newcomers who have recently developed an interest in these attractive shrubs. The Society covers every aspect of this world, from the wild heathers of European heaths and moorlands to the rare and unusual splendours of South African or “Cape” heaths, from everyday cultivation, including choosing, growing and propagating hardy heathers, to scientific studies and nomenclature.

'The Heather Society'(THS) (charity registered in England and Wales no. 261407): was founded in 1963 to promote and encourage interest in all aspect of heathers. THS maintains a photograph library, assists national collections of heathers, and lists new cultivars for Andromeda, Calluna, Daboecia and Erica when they are registered.

This website is not owned by The Heather Society(THS) but shares the same aims and interests. THS information is made available on this website by permission of the website owner.

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Heather of the Month

Erica x triparentalis 'New Horizon'
Relatively large, scented white flowers; the red-tinged ovary is densely hirsute, as are the spurs of the anthers which yield pollen; IV-V; The young shoots…



Tall, spreading

The Leaves

Bright yellow-green when young

The Flower

Large, scented white flowers

Flowering Period

April - May

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